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eCommerce 3 Silicon Peach Atlanta

Tech Skills Tuesday Vol 2: How To Start A Self-hosted WordPress eCommerce Site Part 2

Welcome back to Tech Skills Tuesday, part 2. This is a continuation for how to create a Self-hosted WordPress “eCommerce” Store Online.  To watch part one please visit our YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe, so that you will never miss out on our free tech skills training videos. What you need to get…
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eCommerce Silicon Peach Atlanta

Tech Skills Tuesday Vol. 1: How To Start A Self-hosted WordPress eCommerce Site

Welcome to our official Tech Skills Tuesday launch! This video will cover how to start a Self-hosted WordPress “eCommerce” store online. In this video, the WooCommerce plugin is added to a self-hosted WordPress site to create an eCommerce store online. WooCommerce is running on  30% of e-commerce sites and has millions of active installs. Additionally,…
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Don’t Let NO Stop You!

Often times hearing the words “No” will stop entrepreneurs from reaching their dreams. Don’t let NO stop you from keeping to push forward. Remember that no is not a setback, you just talking to the wrong person. Keep moving and thriving….You can’t win the race if you stop going. P.S. We all pulling for you!

How To Build An Influencer Billion-Dollar Tech Startup main Silicon Peach Atlanta

How To Build An Influencer Billion-Dollar Tech Startup

“Are you an influencer struggling to figure out how to generate enough revenue online?” That’s understandable and the biggest problem that most influencers are having right now because they don’t know exactly how to turn their audience into cash flow. With so much garbage “fluff” being pushed on social media and online, it’s super easy…
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Black Business Mini IPO Silicon Peach Atlanta

Black Business Guide To Raising Capital, Mini-IPO Investing Rules

For most Black business owners their chances of raising capital or getting access to early-stage seed funding is a big startup problem. “It’s not all entirely Black businesses fault.” Data collected by Richard Kerby, a partner at Equal Ventures, determined that as many as 81% of VC firms don’t have a single investor that is…
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