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Growing Influencer Startup Success!

Crowdfunding Marketing is a very important element in the process of raising money among the crowd.

When it comes to Crowdfunding marketing, working with a professional company who understands what SEC rules and regulations are will be the most important step in your quest to raise capital for your business startup in the crowd.

SiliconPeachAtlanta.com are Crowdfunding marketing startup experts.

These are Top things all companies need when it comes to raising capital for their business, no matter what stage.

We work with startups in preparation for Crowdfunding Marketing and communication overview for their; 

    • Executive Summary
    • Pitch Deck
    • Term Sheet
    • Pre-Launch
    • Product Videos (2 to 3 Minutes)
    • Press Releases
    • Media Pitch
    • Publicity Representation
    • Credibility Approach
  • Social Proof

Marketing must be implemented from the 4 principles of:

      • Product
      • Price
      • Place
    • Promotion

This is what all companies need with a mix of a great revenue model to thrive when it comes to selling goods, products, and services in the marketplace.

A good Crowdfunding Marketing campaign must never be launched until the Offer is Ready.

SiliconPeachAtlanta.com are Crowdfunding marketing startup experts. 

As Crowdfunding marketing experts our professional team works to ensure all marketing channels are protected from violating Bad Act Restrictions in violation of Section 5 of the Securities Act. 

There are strict rules and regulations that must be followed before filing Form C with the SEC for Crowdfunding.

Any Bad Act under Rule 506 or Regulation A violation can prevent your company from utilizing the Crowdfunding Act to raise capital in the future.

    • There must be no “Offers” of securities made either publicly or privately before filing Form C with the SEC, no exceptions.
      • No meetings with potential investors or discussing any information on forums through “Sneak Peeks” or “First Look” about or referring to Offerings.
    • No public announcements (especially on social media) about Offerings and no discussion at any conference events or demos revealing intentions to implement a Crowdfunding raise round.

Prior to working with businesses, SiliconPeachAtlanta.com requires an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), CDA (Confidential Disclosure Agreement), and SA (Secrecy Agreement) for mutual protection.

 There is a conference assessment fee of $500 (Non-refundable) to determine if we are a fit to work together. This is typically a 1-hour conference call to evaluate Crowdfunding marketing assessment.

We will answer questions about our services at no charge. 

To get started please contact (404) 465-2392 or email CFMarketing@SiliconPeachAtlanta.com