How To Build An Influencer Billion-Dollar Tech Startup

Growing Influencer Startup Success!

How To Build An Influencer Billion-Dollar Tech Startup

How To Build An Influencer Billion-Dollar Tech Startup main Silicon Peach Atlanta
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Are you an influencer struggling to figure out how to generate enough revenue online?”

That’s understandable and the biggest problem that most influencers are having right now because they don’t know exactly how to turn their audience into cash flow.

With so much garbage “fluff” being pushed on social media and online, it’s super easy to get lost or be confused because most influencers don’t exactly have a true revenue business model to even generate money from their popularity in the first place.

3 Best Ways To Start Building An Influencer Audience

3 Best Ways To Start Building An Influencer Audience Silicon Peach Atlanta
  1. Create a “niche platform” that’s going to solve at least 2 to 4 related problems that 100,000s of people are seeking help to fix on a monthly bases.
  2. Determine the “Place” where you plan to “Deliver” your influencer content.
  3. Start “Promoting” expertise that offer solutions that help to fix the specific problems every month.

So, today is your lucky day and you are super amazing because you took the time to do research to educate yourself.

“Kudos to you, by educating yourself you are investing in your future to be a sustainable influencer.”

This means you are preparing to survive and rise to the top after all the others are long dismissed.

What Most Influencers Get Totally Wrong

Just watching Instagram and a variety of social media networks, there are tons of self-proclaimed expert coaches advising influencers on what they need or must do to grow and improve their followers.

How To Build An Influencer Billion-Dollar Tech Startup Silicon Peach Atlanta

Everything is seemingly centered around how to increase number of followers especially on Instagram, as the understanding is more followers you have equals getting sponsors to pay influencers for posts and content Ads. Also, an FTC requirement to disclose the sponsorship relationship on social media networks.

“It takes more than just having followers and gaining more and more followers to generate revenue as an influencer.”

Brands are now even shifting to working with lesser known “micro” influencers and with smaller niche targeted audiences.

“Influencers need their own Self-hosted website platform!”

This is the only way to have complete freedom over creativity, design, and development ideas.

What Kylie Jenner Got Right!

What Kylie Jenner Got Right Silicon Peach Atlanta

Kylie Jenner isn’t happy that people don’t think that she is a solely self-made billionaire.
However, the one major factor that Kylie gives credit to for her success is the “ability to turn her influencer audience following” into a billion dollar beauty brand!

Admittedly, almost anything can happen when you have a large audience influenced by your actions.

We do still have to remember that Kylie Jenner started out as a bottom list celebrity. Her influencer value is what transformed her net worth through the network relationships she already had and new network opportunities.

“Don’t blame the girl for leveraging networking opportunities, that’s an equal opportunity play for all.”

How an influencer elect to use their networking opportunity through network relationships is on them…

It’s very possible for any influencer to build a “Billion Dollar Tech Startup!”

No misprint, using Kylie Jenner’s influencer approach let’s breakdown step-by-step how you as an influencer can create your own Billion Dollar Tech Startup….

This is the Silicon Peach Atlanta formula for what influencers will need to raise capital through crowdfunding and become the next BIG billion-dollar tech startup!

First, you must have a true realistic revenue model.

As an influencer it’s your purpose to address the problem and related problems you will solve and it should also be a topic with over 100,000 keyword searches or more based on top analytics.

For example, search Google analytics to find keywords that are searched monthly over 100,000 times or more to identify problems that you will solve and address. Creating a revenue business model that shows a demanding need for a product, content, service, etc.

“If you are not addressing problems that people are searching to fix or impacted by you have no real target audience to generate revenue.”

Flaw Number One: Most influencers rely strictly on social media networks as their main discovery place to attract audiences.

Second, establish an influencer self-hosted platform such as your own website.

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Third, Promote your expertise as an influencer and offer knowledge on your expertise to solve problems!

Here is the biggest secret to online marketing that’s never been revealed anywhere before….

As an influencer, your Self-hosted website is your biggest asset. Especially, when seeking to raise capital through crowdfunding or attract sponsorship partners.

Here is how an influencer’s brand evaluation is conducted.

  1. Does the influencer have an online revenue model?
  2. What keywords does the influencer have credibility and influential control over?
  3. Does the influencer have their own self-hosted website or eCommerce platform?
  4. What are the top keywords searched related to the influencer’s self-hosted website and what is the average CPC value of the keywords.
  5. What is the Alexa rank of the website and traffic analytics?
  6. How many social media followers does the influencer have on each social media network.
  7. How much traffic does social media networks drive to the influencer’s website.

To determine that an influencer has a net worth worthy of their network, let’s evaluate Kylie Jenner using our secret formula.

Influencer Billion Dollar Brand Kyle Jenner Silicon Peach Atlanta 4

Answer 1. Yes, the influencer sells beauty cosmetics and products inside an eCommerce platform online.

As an influencer, you could start out selling print on demand t-shirts, affiliate marketing products etc.

We partnered with Magiclinks as our sponsor and preferred affiliate marketing partner.

They also have practically every major online beauty store and products from Ulta, Sephora, Glossier, you name it!

As an affiliate marketing partner you receive a commission every time someone purchases using your link!

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Answer 2. Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner

Using SimilarWeb we can analyze any website or app. Additionally, we also use other analytics measures and software.

Influencer Billion Dollar Brand Kyle Jenner Silicon Peach Atlanta 2

Let’s note that the keywordKylie Cosmetics” drives a large organic search percentage for Kylie with 56.21% without having to pay!

“No wonder she is So Rich, she is only paying for 6.25% paid search traffic!
Wow, she may not be solely self-made but she sure changed the game in influencer creativity.”

Answer 3. Yes

Well, actually Kylie is using cloud-based software.

This is a more expensive option over self-hosted websites when it comes to monthly hosting fees.

We also partnered with Shopify as our sponsor and preferred cloud-based software provider.

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Answer 4. Again, the organic keywords Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner are the top keywords being searched driving traffic back to the website.

The site engagement was evaluated on the 3rd day of April 2019 (reset for the beginning of the month) is a whopping 2.29 million.

Influencer Billion Dollar Brand Kyle Jenner Silicon Peach Atlanta

The average visitor to the site stays for 3:14 minutes.

Global Rank

Answer 5. The Alexa rank is 31,110 for global and 9,731 for United States as of 4/3/2019. is an Amazon company.

Traffic Evaluation

Answer 6. Kylie has social media followers for Instagram around 130+ Million, 4+ Million for Youtube subscribers, 22+ Million for Facebook, 26+ Million for Twitter, etc.

Answer 7. Only “9.06%” of traffic is from Kylie’s social media network channels!!

Totally, shocking!!!

Influencer Billion Dollar Brand Kyle Jenner Silicon Peach Atlanta 3

With Youtube in the first position driving 36.53% and Instagram driving 35.50% in the second position, from the total 9.06% of traffic coming from social media channels.

Let’s examine the site’s competitors, which puts Kylie in competition with big sister Kim Kardashian West and Colourpop, who is also Kylie’s manufacture company for Kylie Cosmetics.

Influencer Billion Dollar Brand Kyle Jenner Silicon Peach Atlanta 5

Audience Interest

Just by evaluating Kylie’s website any influencer can copycat her success for an action plan to create a billion dollar tech startup.

Influencer Billion Dollar Brand Kyle Jenner Silicon Peach Atlanta 6

Good luck!

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